The idea

In the spring 2015, I mixed together sour cream and dip powder to eat chips with dip. It annoyed me that there was so much residue left on the whisk when I was finished whisking the powder and sour cream together. In addition, the whisk was difficult to clean easily afterwards. After that, I started looking for a product that could solve the problem. With the help of google I tried to find a self-cleaning whisk. I found nothing useful.
Then I thought that this had to be easy to make, and therefore I went to the purchase of many different whisks. I brought the whisks into the garage and started cutting and modifying them to make a "self-cleaning part" I thrust into the rods. I was surprised at how well the simple homemade prototype worked.

The idea was that one could quickly and easily push off any excess pulp that remains on the whisk, and then scrape it off at the pot / bowl edge. It should be so clean that you can use it in the next pot, or put it on the bench without any spillage.

The more I have used the whisk, the more dishes I see Swhisky fits perfectly. The prototype was shown and explained to several chefs to hear their views, they had never seen anything similar and liked the product and thought this was a smart tool that would easily minimize spills. The feedback provided added pleasure to move on with the idea. I showed the prototype to my brother-in-law Sindre, and he immediately lit on the idea, and since we have been a team to realize the whisk Swhisky. We wondered if this was something that could be patented and started to read us up on this topic. The patent application was submitted and in 2017 it was granted.

So now we had a patent for a product we wanted to develop and produce. To find out what was needed to realize the idea, I took with me some sketches, the prototype and got on the bus into Oslo. There I found a product development company that liked what they saw, and were willing to help us along the way. From there on the ball started rolling..